Foodof basics


FoodOf is a collaborative platform to classify and Identify the global culinary heritage.

There are dishes, starters, beverages, candies, spices and everything that a food culture may offer.
Some peaople will say it's the wikipedia of food :-)

How It Works?

Each gastronomy (a country cuisine) is studied, analyzed before being divided into dishes, seasons, meals, ways of eating, cooking process and any information which may be important in its description.

For who?

FoodOf is for everyone. Cooking enthusiasts, gourmand (that is all of us), travelers, Culinary photographers and anyone curious to know what people eat at the other end of the world.


FoodOf is a collaborative platform!
Each one of us can add dishes, a spice or even a selection then please share and make known the gastronomic heritage of the country / region / city

How to add a dish?

You want to add a dish, it's easy!
Visit our Adding dish and let it guide you form.

How to add a picture to a dish

Want to add to a dish that exists on Foodof, simply to choose the dish and add your image.
Visit our Adding picture .

Checking by Foodof

FoodOf The team reserves the right not to post part or all of a dish added by a user.
This check is established to ensure the accuracy and the relevance of information and to prevent content obscene, pornographic, racist, violent, etc.