Coconut macaroon

Original name : KanomBahBin ขนมบ้าบิ้น

Where Street food, Homemade
When Snack food
Taste Sweet
Price $ $
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KanomBahBin is coconut macaroon made of pieces of coconut together with coconut cream, glutinous flour, wheat flour, and egg, can be found along the street. Its name was not called like this ages ago but because people pronounced it incorrectly overtime and now it is known as BahBin.
About this dish
In the local culture - For everyday
How to eat it - By hand
Caloric valueMedium
Temperature - Hot
Vegetarian , Vegan
Allergy - Contains gluten (wheat)
- Contains eggs
Difficulty of preparationAverage
Cooked - Raw - Cooked
Ustencile - In the pan

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