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Barley semolina Soup

Original name
Harira dial dchicha Morocco
A bowl of barley soup to warm the body in the fresh mornings of Moroccan winter.
Ideal for winter mornings, barley semolina soup is a real treat that it is good for warming up.
The traditional 'Dchicha' is very popular in Morocco for its creaminess and its multiple health benefits.xa0Increasingly consumed throughout the world, this seed seduces by its nutritional quality and low calories.
Made of a kind of thick barley semolina (crushed barley), this soup is very easy to prepare in record time and it is more appreciated during cold seasons.xa0Creamy and full of sweetness, the cornmeal just needs to be slowly cooked in milk until the mixture is a bit firm without however becoming too thick.
If you can't get a light texture, feel free to add a bit of milk if needed and voila.xa0In addition to being good, a bowl of "harira dial dchicha" served hot feels so good and invigorates the body!
In the local culture - For everyday
Season - Autumn
- Winter
Special occasion - Ramadan
SpicyVery slightly spicy
How to eat it - With Mghorfa
- With a spoon
Caloric valueLight
Temperature - Hot
- Room temperature
Vegetarian , Vegan
Allergy - Contains gluten (wheat)
- Contains lactose (milk)
Difficulty of preparationEasy
Cooked - Raw - Cooked
Outils de préparration - Pressure cooker or pot

Side food


"Chebakia" emblematic pastry of Moroccan cuisine. Every Ramadan, Moroccans consume pharaonic amounts of it.

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