For the meal of weddings, usually in the evening, Moroccan families generally serve the same dishes. Classics of moroccan cuisine.

| Throughout the ceremony, pastries are served to guests as "Kaab Ghzal" or "Ghryyba". The mint tea and coffee as accompaniments.
For the meal itself (dinner), we will serve two meat dishes (chicken with saffron, lamb with prunes or the barbecue, ...). The dessert is often a big basket of fruit (apples, bananas and oranges. There are also seasonal fruits).
In the morning, guests who stayed will get a hot bowl of moroccan soup "Harira" and "Chebbakya" patsry as a breakfast.

Moroccans like lamb so much that simply steaming it is considered as an exceptional dish in the local culture. This preparation is the "Choua" !!... 21.3k views

Where When
Street food, Homemade Lunch, Dinner
Taste Price
Salty Expensive
Lamb steamed or baked

Starter, dessert and pastry, « Mhancha » (translation : snake-like) is a dish of the special days.... 17.9k views

Where When
Homemade Lunch, Starters, Snack food, Dinner
Taste Price
Sweet Expensive
Coil of puff almond


The queen of the Moroccan soups. Hrira or Harira in moroccan dialect means in its broadest sense "soup".rnTo distinguish it, we call it sometimes "Harira Hamda", which means soup Tangy.... 16.2k views

Where When
Street food, Homemade Breakfast, Tea break, Dinner
Taste Price
Acidulous, Spicy, Salty Cheap
Moroccan Soup
Hrira Hamda


"Chebakia" emblematic pastry of Moroccan cuisine. Every Ramadan, Moroccans consume pharaonic amounts of it.... 15k views

Where When
Street food, Homemade Snack food
Taste Price
Spicy, Sweet Cheap

Even if it is widely appreciated and recognized in Morocco, we must admit that this cakes' roots are more from the neighboring countries: Tunisia and Algeria.... 13k views

Where When
Street food, Homemade Tea break, Snack food
Taste Price
Sweet Cheap
Semolina cake with dates

Delicious and appetizing, this flagship dish of Moroccan traditional cuisine particularly stands out for its subtle salty sweet taste that delights the taste buds.... 12.5k views

Where When
Homemade Lunch, Dinner
Taste Price
Sweet and salty, Spicy Quite expensive
Beef tagine with prunes
Lhemm belbarkouk


The guide of gastronomy of Morocco

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