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Cauliflower with tomato

Original name
Chiflor mchermel Morocco
A spring dish, the season of cauliflower in Morocco. Moroccan cuisine use the tomato, olive oil to enhance the flavor of cauliflower deemed a bit tasteless.
Moroccan style cauliflower is a spring dish which is prepared with tomato and olive oil.xa0With this recipe, the somewhat bland taste of cauliflower finds its flavor.
This fast and light dish is cooked in a pot/casserole or a Tagine according to preferences in just a few minutes.
Rinsed beforehand in salt water, the flowers of this vegetable are cooked while adding garlic, chunks of tomatoes, a little bit of olive oil and some paprika.xa0Cooked for half an hour over low heat.xa0The ingredient which lifts the taste of this dish is to be added after cooking, some pieces of #Preserved lemon# that transforms the taste of cauliflower to make it a tangy and tasty dish.

Cauliflower is a vegetable that contains nutritional qualities which are little known despite their benefits for the body.xa0Raw or cooked, its white florets can be eaten with a sauce or grated most of the time.xa0While many shun this variety of cabbage for its bland taste, this Moroccan specialty will probably make them change their minds.
In the local culture - For everyday
Season - Winter
- Spring
SpicyModerately spicy
How to eat it - Dipping bread
Caloric valueLight
Temperature - Hot
- Room temperature
Vegetarian , Vegan
Difficulty of preparationAverage
Cooked - Raw - Cooked
Ustencile - Pressure cooker or pot
- Tajine

Side food

Homemade bread

Even today, the majority of Moroccan families still prepare homemade bread. And they do it everyday!

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