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Fermented and beaten milk

Original name
Lben Morocco
The milk is let to ferment at ambient temperature (under the effect of lactic acid bacteria naturally occurring in milk).
The preparation is then beaten in a pocket (Traditionally it is a skin of goat or lamb, named "Checoua").

Nowaday, the "Lben" is mainly prepared by the industry and available in the shops
Its particular tartness remind some flavors approaching the taste of yogurt. In fact, some do not hesitate to add sugar or grenadine.

Consumed as a simple drink or unavoidable accompagnement of the #couscous# .
In the local culture - For everyday
How to eat it - Drink
Caloric valueLight
Temperature - Cold
Allergy - Contains lactose (milk)
Difficulty of preparationVery difficult
Cooked - Raw - Raw

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