Moroccan salad

Original name : Chlada

Where Street food, Homemade
When Lunch, Dinner
Taste Acidulous, Salty
Price $ $
Street food, Homemade
Lunch, Dinner
Acidulous, Salty
$ $
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It is the Moroccan salad par excellence, very light and tasty, present practically every day and on all the tables that it is to accompany a tajine or a grill.
This is the typical salad that all Moroccans, without exception, know. Original, cold, composed at home, it combines the freshness of its components with the combination of different flavors. The whole is seasoned carefully for more taste.
Its preparation is quite easy, it combines two essential elements: tomatoes and onions, olive oil and some basic spices.
To make this salad every day, it is enough to wash the vegetables well, and peel them. Then the tomatoes and the onion are cut into small pieces, keeping the juice and the seeds of the tomatoes.
The whole is accompanied by a sauce that is a simple vinaigrette (optional) with olive oil, lemon juice and salt. Also add cumin or pepper.

And to serve, just put all the vegetables in a hollow dish, and pour the necessary amount of vinaigrette on our preferences, and mix everything.

Do not deprive yourself of this delicious salad, whether you are on a diet or not, it is just light and rich in vitamins. To make the most of these benefits, consume just after preparation, whether served as an appetizer or main course, there is no limit. We can easily make it suitable for our taste by varying our vinaigrette sauces.
About this dish
In the local culture - For everyday
SpicySlightly spicy
How to eat it - With a spoon
- Dipping bread
Caloric valueLight
Temperature - Cold
Vegetarian , Vegan
Difficulty of preparationAverage
Cooked - Raw - Raw
  • Salad (Optional)
  • Salt (Optional)
  • Tomato (Optional)
  • Olive oil (Optional)
  • Pepper (spice) (Optional)
  • Cucumber (Optional)
  • Parsley (Optional)
  • Vinegar (Optional)
  • Onion (Optional)
  • Side food

    Homemade bread

    Even today, the majority of Moroccan families still prepare homemade bread. And they do it everyday!

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