Rice-tomato-chicken porridge

Original name : Roz bmaticha o tkatea

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Where Homemade
When Dinner
Taste Spicy, Salty
Price $ $
Spicy, Salty
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This recipe of rice with tomato and chicken pieces is among the most popular Moroccan dishes because of the ease of its preparation and its delicious taste which even appeals to the little ones.
With tomatoes in the Moroccan cuisine that deliver their juice and the various spices where the chicken pieces have not been cooked, rice absorbs so much flavor that it becomes succulent and tender in the mouth.
This dish reminds curiously the famous Spanish paella or the Italian risotto. This version is more affordable and less complicated to prepare and to which we can add other optional vegetables if the desire takes us.

Spicy and salty, you can only adore this dish which can be offered both at lunch and dinner. Try it, you will see!
About this dish
In the local culture - For everyday
SpicyModerately spicy
How to eat it - With a spoon
Caloric valueHigh
Temperature - Hot
- Room temperature
Difficulty of preparationAverage
Cooked - Raw - Cooked
Ustencile - Pressure cooker or pot
  • Rice
  • Chicken (Optional)
  • Salt
  • Tomato
  • Olive oil
  • Pepper (spice)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Paprika
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