Salad of green beans with tomatoes

Original name : Aloubya mcharamla

Where Homemade
When Lunch, Dinner
Taste Spicy, Salty
Price $ $
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A real spring recipee. Green beans is one of the vegetables produced in huge quantity and good quality during the spring season in Morocco.
This preparation develop the taste of green beans by combining them with the famous basic #Moroccan Charmoula# (garlic, paprika, parsley).
The taste is sometimes raised by adding the candied lemon which adds character.

Usually this dish is served as a starter or as an accompaniment to other dishes based on meat or fish.
About this dish
In the local culture - For everyday
Season - Spring
SpicyModerately spicy
How to eat it - Dipping bread
Caloric valueLight
Temperature - Hot
- Room temperature
- Cold
Vegetarian , Vegan
Difficulty of preparationEasy
Cooked - Raw - Cooked
Ustencile - Pressure cooker or pot

Side food

Homemade bread

Even today, the majority of Moroccan families still prepare homemade bread. And they do it everyday!

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