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Minced meat with rancid butter

Original name
Kefta bessmen Morocco
The only seasoning for the minced meat is the "Smen" (rancid butter). It brings all the flavors needed to make this dish a Moroccan particularity.
The minced meat is cooked on the barbecue, and when serving it, it comes with a good amount of #السمن# . The special butter, with its savory aromas gives a special flavor to this dish.

It is also one of the specialties of street food in the city of Marrakech. All over the city, small restaurants have made it their specialty.
In the local culture - For everyday
Regions - Marrakesh
SpicyModerately spicy
How to eat it - In a sandwich
- Dipping bread
- By hand
Caloric valueMedium
Temperature - Hot
Difficulty of preparationEasy
How to cook - Grilled
Cooked - Raw - Cooked

Side food

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