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Roasted chicken tagine

Original name
Djaj mhemmer Morocco
This Moroccan Tagine « M’hamer » is a classic dish infused with several flavors that is often served on special occasions and during the holy month of Ramadan.
Among the traditional recipes best-known in Morocco, roast chicken tajine is one of the most enchanting dishes by excellence due to the richness of its spices.
The secret of this delicacy is in cooking covered chicken giblets over medium temperature and letting them bathe in a mixture of herbs and spices until the absorption of a multitude of stimulating and delicious fragrances.xa0While it is simmering, don't hesitate to add a little water if you judge it useful in order to prevent it from being too dry and thereby ensure a tender chicken meat.
Once well soaked and cooked, you can put the chicken to roast in the oven for a couple of minutes (optional) before serving it hot and accompanied by its unctuous sauce.
Besides, if some prefer to stuff the roast chicken with the "charmoula", others add fries at the last minute as garnish or even olives for a touch of acidity.
According to the spices used, the roast chicken Tagine is particularly rich in mouthwatering aromas.xa0Try it and I am sure you will like it.
In the local culture - For everyday
- For special occasions
Special occasion - Wedding
SpicyWell spicy
How to eat it - Dipping bread
Caloric valueHigh
Temperature - Hot
Difficulty of preparationDifficult
Cooked - Raw - Cooked
Outils de préparration - Pressure cooker or pot

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