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Salt and cumin

Original name
Melha o lkamoune Morocco
The classics are jostled in Moroccan cuisine. The famous salt-pepper that we propose to adjust the seasoning of dishes is replaced by salt-cumin.
Cumin in Moroccan cuisine occupies a very important place.
More than just a spice for cooking tagines, salads and other local specialties, cumin takes the place of pepper at the table. Moroccans love it and are generous when they put it on their plates, whether simple fried eggs, soup or even the famous #steamed lamb.#
In the local culture - For everyday
Special occasion - Feast of the sacrifice (Eid al Adha)
SpicyModerately spicy
Caloric valueVery light
Vegetarian , Vegan
Difficulty of preparationVery easy
Cooked - Raw - Raw

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