Couscous with dried meat

Kesksou belgueddid

Original name

Kesksou belgueddid
The "Gueddid" is a dried meat on the bones. It may surprise with its spicy taste and strong odor. Couscous is one of those dishes that could be adapted perfectly with it.
This couscous with the “ #القديد# ” is an original recipe that deviates from the classic couscous with lamb and vegetables.xa0Very spicy, it has a strong flavor thanks to the dried meat, which is what it is famous for.
Salted and kept in the open air for several weeks, the jerky comes from an ancient technique which is still used today.xa0With a characteristic taste obtained after a period of time, the « #Gueddid# » gives the sauce of the couscous an unmatched flavor.
To make this recipe, it's very simple!xa0Prepare the couscous as you usually do, then opt for the dry meat « 21e02d91-464a-4942-afc8-1cddfd57a1f9_Gueddid » or dried offal « #Cordas# » If you have it.
Ideal to replace the traditional couscous on Fridays or to warm up during winter, the couscous with dried meat has a very special flavor which is both salty and spicy.
Despite the strong smell that can get out, do not be fooled, it's a delight to discover!

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