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Offal in the Moroccan way

Original name
Tkelia Morocco
[autoTrans]<br>In general, this specialty is prepared in the homes especially during the time of the festival of the sheep with offal still fresh which one cooking to obtain a kind of spicy stew with pieces of guts, lungs, liver and heart .
Thanks to their very characteristic flavor, Moroccan offal is one of the most traditional dishes, with the flavor they give off and which gives water to the mouth.

Combined with garlic, olive oil and spices, the offal simmer in a pot or casserole, seasoned with pepper and cumin in addition to paprika to soften and perfume the salty side of the rest of the elements.
Full of finesse, this dish has the advantage of offering a culinary experience with various textures: Very tender, the liver with the marked flavor is pleasant on the palate. Then add the heart that increases the richness of the dish in addition to the lungs and rather rude guts that break this sensation of soft meats.
The fusion of all its textures with the rest of the ingredients that simmer slowly releases a sauce so creamy that one can not help but deceive bread to revel in the particular taste of this dish.
Served warm, the offal literally melts without much effort of chew and if some may find disgusting the idea of ​​eating tripe etc ... Just taste it to change radically!
You should not rely on the slightly strong smell during cooking because the offal that has bathed in their sauce is perfectly imbued with spices and herbs that they ultimately take a really special taste to try .
In the local culture - For special occasions
Special occasion - Feast of the sacrifice (Eid al Adha)
SpicyWell spicy
How to eat it - Dipping bread
Caloric valueHigh
Temperature - Hot
Difficulty of preparationVery difficult
Cooked - Raw - Cooked
Ustencile - Pressure cooker or pot

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