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Beef tagine with prunes

Original name
Lhemm belbarkouk Morocco
Delicious and appetizing, this flagship dish of Moroccan traditional cuisine particularly stands out for its subtle salty sweet taste that delights the taste buds.
Very popular in Morocco, the tajine with prunes is a staple classic which is always served in special occasions that unite families such as holidays and weddings.
This dish is a culinary culture which is passed through generations and often picked up worldwide by fine foreign gastronomy lovers.
Its combination of caramelized prunes and meat which is flavored with various spices like ginger, saffron, cinnamon and more pepper is a memorable flavor to discover.xa0Although its realization requires a few steps, realizing a perfect balance between its different ingredients is a task which can be very delicate.
According to preferences, the preparation of the Tagine with prunes may be made with beef, veal or lamb.xa0Cooked slowly, the ingredients are cooked up until getting a smooth sauce which is the secret of its success.xa0In order to vary the texture and add a little bit of crunchiness, a handful of almonds fried beforehand are scattered over it.xa0This dish is often served with hard-boiled eggs cut in half.
With a succulent taste, prunes and meat melt in the mouth in a harmonious explosion of flavors.xa0In fact, despite its high calories, this Tagine is so irresistible that anyone who tries it loves it and asks for more!
In the local culture - For special occasions
Special occasion - Wedding
- Party for the newborn
SpicyWell spicy
How to eat it - Dipping bread
Caloric valueVery High
Temperature - Hot
Difficulty of preparationDifficult
Cooked - Raw - Cooked
Ustencile - Pressure cooker or pot

Side food

Homemade bread

Even today, the majority of Moroccan families still prepare homemade bread. And they do it everyday!

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