Dried and preserved meat

Original name : Khlii

Where Street food
Taste Spicy, Salty
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Street food
Spicy, Salty
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Very important preparation in Moroccan food culture. the meat is confited for some, for others smoked. In all ways, it is a traditional method for preserving the meat.
A « #Gueddid# » is prepared only with flesh cut into strips (normal #Gueddid# is a salted meat, spiced and dried over bones). The meat is then cooked in beef's fat and olive oil.

The « #Gueddid# » well salty and spicy, under the effect of the heat, diffuses its aromas. These aromas are then captured by the fat in which the meat is cooking.nnIn the old days, the preparation (fat and the meat) was put into large earthenware jars for conservation. Today it is in simple jars that « Khlii » is retained.

The remains (meat crumbs, cilantro, salt, ...) that settle in the bottom of the large pot where we prepared the "Khlii" is collected, put in a jar apart. This is the « #Agrich# », a condiment of local cuisine.

As you can see, between the preparation of « #Gueddid# » and the confit process, making the « Khlii » is long and complicated. Fortunately, in Morocco, it is available in traditional canned shops and butchers.

The « Khlii » is prepared during summer is preserved all the following year. We go out just what we need, to eat it with bread or to prepare fried eggs.
About this dish
In the local culture - For everyday
SpicyModerately spicy
How to eat it - In a sandwich
- Dipping bread
Caloric valueVery High
Temperature - Hot
- Room temperature
- Cold
Difficulty of preparationVery difficult
How to cook - Pressure cooker or pot
Cooked - Raw - Cooked
  • Spicy-Dried meat
  • Fat (mutton, beef)
  • Olive oil
  • Side food

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