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Puff patties

Original name
Msemmen Morocco
"Msemen" or "Rghayif" thin puff patties prepared with wheat flour. Pan-fried in a little bit of vegetable oil, they are crispy on the outside while keeping the inside soft.
The 'Msemmen' or 'Rghayif' are the famous thin flaky patties very known and popular in Morocco, loved by everyone so much that you can find them everywhere.
Made of wheat flour, these flaky patties have the characteristic to be crispy on the outside and fluffy inside.xa0Served at breakfast or for a snack, this kind of Moroccan pastry requires to work the dough with some techniques that once learned then succeeding a perfect pastry will be difficult no more.
The first step is to prepare the mixture with which the dough is made by incorporating wheat flour, yeast and water.xa0Once ready, the dough is slightly vaulted in oil and melted butter before dividing it into small balls (to repeat continuously to prevent that the layers stick together).xa0Then, we finely spread each portion by hand before folding the corners of the sheet to the inside in order to get a square shape.
At the cooking stage, you should flatten the patties once again before placing them on a pan with a little vegetable oil while rotating it on both sides to ensure the crispy effect on the outside and keep the internal texture tender and soft.
Sprinkled with #Butter and honey# or #Amlou# these flaky patties are a total delight!xa0Coated with jam or cheese etc. it is still delicious according to the tastes of each.xa0A typical Moroccan recipe which you should not miss...
In the local culture - For everyday
Special occasion - Ramadan
How to eat it - By hand
Caloric valueMedium
Temperature - Hot
- Room temperature
Vegetarian , Vegan
Allergy - Contains gluten (wheat)
Difficulty of preparationDifficult
Cooked - Raw - Cooked
Ustencile - In the pan

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